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New Bears

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Here you find my latest work


I would like to introduce Steffy & Sophie

I have made these two beautiful girlbears from German Schulte alpaca and mohair and give them handpainted details for their own unique charater. They are my newest designs.

The knitted dress is made from alpaca wool which I embroidered with leaves and flowers. I love to make the specials details like the matching crown from silk flowers.

For more pictures and details please visit : Steffy&Sophie

This is one of my latest bears Emily

I have made Emily from grey Schulte handdyed Schulte mohair with a vintage look. Emily has big glass eyes and shading details which gives her a gentle look.

She is wearing a light blue elegant jumpsuit with a flower motif and a matching bow. I have wired a vintage keypendant and combined it crystal and svarovski beads.

For more pictures and details please visit: Emily